My story


My interest in lawn care began when I was 12 years old.

My older brother and I would often cut the commons area in our neighborhood together. I was in charge of the push mower, meticulously cutting around all the trees while he used our riding mower for the major areas of grass. It didn’t bother me that my job proved to be more difficult, I had developed a passion for it. As I got older, I started cutting a few of the neighbor’s lawns myself. In support of my passion, my father purchased my first commercial walk-behind mower for just fifty dollars. Him and I made it a project by rebuilding it, even adding a brand new coat of paint. Little did I know, my first walk-behind mower would be the start of my very own fleet of yard equipment. My leaf blower, edger, and trimmer all fit perfectly on the mower, making it easier to walk everything I needed to the lawn jobs in my subdivision. Later that year, I got my first official account outside of my subdivision. I was determined to make it work, and despite the further distance of my growing account list, my parents became a great help in taking me to and from my jobs to help grow my business. A few years of my parents assistance and I found myself turning 16, finally able to purchase my first car. This made growing my account list much easier now that I could get around on my own. I now had two neighboring houses a little ways away from my subdivision. My car now made it possible for me to transport my equipment quickly and more efficiently. I continued my work even after graduating high school. I decided to attend Michigan State University, only to come to the realization that it was too expensive to live away. I returned home after only a semester and re-enroll at Oakland University to pursue a degree in business. My school plans becoming more economically efficient, I was then able to buy my first truck and trailer so that I could expand the lawn business I had been working so hard for all those years. I even passed out fliers in an attempt to spread the word that I was looking for more jobs to help pay for school. I continued my lawn business all the way up until graduation, finally receiving my degree in Human Resources in 2010. However, there was not a job in sight with the economy at its lowest point after the 2008 recession. After some careful consideration, my passion for lawn care eventually won me over. I decided to put all of my effort into growing my business that I had worked for since I was 12 years old. I truly haven’t looked back since. Each year I have continued to grow, adding new equipment and expanding our list of services we have to offer. I have gathered a team of hard-working employees and loyal customers who have made this passion of mine all the more rewarding and that much more dear to me. My business has never felt more complete.

Extraordinary Experiences

I value my customers. I strive to achieve what you want, not what I “think” you want. I listen to your needs, create a plan, and get to work.